Planning / Zoning

The Planning Division is responsible for long-range planning activities such as the management and update of the City's Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Regulations.

We also coordinate all current planning and development review activities, including:

  • Annexations
  • Commercial site plan review
  • Comprehensive plan applications
  • Special Exception requests
  • Subdivision development
  • Zoning and the uses allowed on property

Duties & Responsibilities

Comprehensive Plan

  • Prepare Comprehensive Plan amendments
  • Update the Future Land Use Map (FLUM)
  • Work with our Wastewater Department to submit Water Supply Facility Work Plan
  • Work with City Council in preparing proposed ordinance changes
  • Submittal of EAR(Evaluation and Appraisal Report) every 7 years

Land Use & Zoning

  • Prepare information for the Planning Commission and City Council on Land Use and Zoning requests
  • Work with applicants in preparing for land use and rezoning changes
  • Update the City zoning and future land use maps
  • Confirm land use and zoning classifications on properties

Special Exceptions

  • Act as a liaison to the Planning Commission
  • Prepare agendas and information packages for the Planning Commission
  • Work with applicants to prepare documentation


  • Work the applicant in preparing applications
  • Submit review packages to city and county staff
  • Work with the county on potential joint planning area changes

Subdivision & Commercial Site Plan Review

  • Work with applicants in preparing application submittals
  • Review for compliance with the Land Development Regulations
  • Supply support information to the Planning Commission and City Council
  • Work with developers and city staff to enforce the provisions of the Rockledge Land Development regulations

Recognition Programs

  • Tree City USA for 23 years
  • Playful City USA for 3 years
  • SNAP (simplified, nimble, accelerated, permitting) certified for 3 years


  • Acquire grants for municipal projects, as directed by City Council with input from department heads
  • Maintain required documentation for the life of the grant

Geographic Information System Mapping

  • Create maps for projects as needed and directed
  • Update FLUM, zoning, and street mapping

ADA Compliance Measures

  • Equal Opportunity Policy