The City of Rockledge has a number of facilities available for the public to reserve and to rent. These facilities include:

The calendar to the right lists the dates and times the facilities are being utilized, so you can see if your desired date is available. If there is not a time frame specified, then the facility is rented for the entire day.

Facility Rental Contact Information

  • To reserve the Old St. Mary's Church, Rockledge Municipal Building, Thompson House, or Training Room at the Community Resource Center, contact Rene LaMarr at the Rockledge Community Redevelopment Agency, 321-221-7540.
  • To reserve the Council Chamber at Rockledge City Hall, contact Ashley Golding or Sherry Cazessus at Rockledge City Hall, 321-221-7540.
  • To reserve the Community Room at the Rockledge Police Department, contact Marsha Deskins, 321-690-3213, ext. 3157, or Lisa Brady, 321-690-3213, ext. 3151.
  • To reserve the Training Room at Fire Station No. 1 or the Training Room at Fire Station No. 3, contact Lori Matson, 321-221-7540.

Additional Information