Department Overview

The City of Rockledge spans approximately 12 square miles and had a population of 26,265 in 2013. 

The department is composed of the Chief’s Office and two Bureaus. The two Bureaus are the Operations Bureau (OB) and the Support Services Bureau (SSB). A Captain commands the Operations Bureau and a Lieutenant commands the Support Services Bureau. The primary duties of the Operations Bureau are patrol, traffic enforcement, and criminal investigations. The primary duties of the Support Services Bureau are training, communications, records, school resource officers and community relations. 

The department has an authorized strength of 50 sworn full-time officers (1 chief, 1 captain, 5 lieutenants, 5 sergeants, 5 Corporals and 32 officers) and 20 civilian employees.

The department’s annual budget for FY 2013/2014 was approximately $5 million dollars.

Department workload for 2014 included: 
•46,512  Computer Generated event numbers 
•1,905 reports 
•2424 traffic citations 
•47 DUI arrests 
•34,824 total calls to communications 
•503 Domestic violence calls 
•2,809 Pieces of evidence 
•135 Completed crime lab cases 
•561 Part I crimes 
•996 Alarm responses