Business Tax Receipts

Online Information

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Purpose & Function

Businesses operating in the City of Rockledge are required to obtain a Business Tax Receipt, formerly known as an Occupational License. The purpose of the tax and the receipt is to insure the public welfare by overseeing all business transactions and operations.

This includes uninvited solicitors and canvassers within the city who are also regulated by the business tax laws. The city levies the tax on all businesses as allowed by state statute to fund its operation.

Occupational licenses for both commercial and home occupations are issued as a function of the Building Department. Additionally, staff makes every attempt to assure that the contractor you hire is licensed and has the property insurance coverage to protect both you and the contractor’s employees.

Building Department personnel are committed to ensuring that construction methods used meet the standards of state law and city ordinances in order to protect the rights of taxpayers from being taken advantage of by unscrupulous and unlicensed contractors.


E-mail the Building Department to request a Business Tax Receipt application, or visit City Hall, 1600 Huntington Lane, Rockledge to pick up a paper copy.