Aerial view of the Wastewater Treatment Plant

Reminder to Restaurants

As restaurants resume normal levels of activity, the City Sewer Use Ordinance requires all traps/interceptors/etc., to be cleaned at least once every 3 months, or more frequently if directed or required.  Buildup of fats/oils/greases cause sewer clogs, which can lead to Sanitary Sewer Overflows.

An Important Message from the Wastewater Treatment Department

Lately, our Wastewater Field Crews have been finding repeated issues that could cause damage to the wastewater system, injury to our employees, or sewer overflows that are damaging to our Indian River Lagoon. Please take a moment to ensure that only sewer items are entering the sewer and cleanout caps in your yard/driveway/parking lot are secure so that nothing else can enter the wastewater system.WWT Cleanout Public Info

Wastewater Treatment Department Garners Awards!

Kevin Shropshire, Pretreatment Coordinator with the Wastewater Treatment and Water Reclamation Department, recently received the 2020 Albert B. Herndon award for Outstanding Performance and Professionalism in the Water Environment Industry and Industrial Pretreatment.  This award is presented annually to a Florida Water Environment Association (FWEA) member who has excelled in the field of industrial pretreatment.
Congratulations, Kevin!

Kevin Shropshire, Pretreatment Coordinator, holding an award plaque

The Wastewater Treatment Facility is manned Twenty Four Hours a Day Seven Days A Week.

If you are having a sewer problem, please call the Wastewater Treatment Department, and we will be happy to respond, free of charge, to make a determination of the problem.

If you see a flashing red light at one of the city's sewage lift stations, there may be a problem we need to know about. We'd cedrtainly appreciate it if you could please help us out by calling the Wastewater Treatment Facility and giving us the lift station number (if you know it) and/or the location of the lift station.

If you would like to arrange for a school tour, please call the Wastewater Treatment Facility, and we will be happy to schedule one for you.

**New! Hurricane Information for Private Lift Stations**

Without preparation, Sanitary Sewer Overflows can and will occur at public and private lift stations during hurricane events, resulting in sewage in public areas, which creates health hazards and drainage into the St. Johns River or Indian River Lagoon.
The City of Rockledge currently maintains over fifty City-owned sewer lift stations, and responses to City lift stations and collection system take priority during storm events and recovery efforts.

As an owner of a Private Lift Station/Sewer Station, are you prepared for the next hurricane?

Please review this list of questions and helpful information (PDF) to keep sewage out of the streets and rivers of Rockledge.

Sewer Inspections

Requests for sewer inspections that are called in by 9am will be done that same day. Requests called in after 9am will be done the following day. Please provide the address and permit number.

Reclaimed Water Inspections

Requests for reclaimed water inspections must be called in at least 24 hours in advance.

Reclaimed water information packets and applications may be picked up at the Waste Water Treatment Facility, or we would be happy to mail them to you. In addition, you may print the packets and applications by visiting the "Connection to Reclaimed Water Link".

Reclaimed Watering Schedule

As a reminder concerning reclaimed water usage….

  • Customers with EVEN-numbered addresses may water on Thursdays and Sundays.
  • Customers with ODD-numbered addresses may water on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
  • Reclaimed watering IS NOT PERMITTED on Mondays, Tuesdays or Fridays.
  • Regardless of your designated watering day, watering is not permitted between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. on any day, in accordance with St. Johns River Water Management District regulations.

Thank you for your cooperation!