Community Relations Unit

The Rockledge Police Department is committed to improving the quality of life within our city. The Community Relations Unit is responsible for assisting citizens and promoting positive relationships. This is done by filling requests from the public, providing presentations to a variety of groups (civic, business, educational, religious and other organizations). The personnel assigned to the community relations unit are specially trained and devoted to the citizens. Many strategies are utilized to fulfill this commitment, including but not limited to Neighborhood Watch, Business Watch and City Watch programs, which are all encompassed within our Community Oriented Policing (COP) philosophy.

This COP philosophy is not a program or activity that is undertaken solely by the Community Relations Unit, but rather adopted by all employees. Community Oriented Policing includes both traditional and nontraditional strategies. Prevention, problem solving and most importantly communication between citizens and officers are the “keys” to reducing crime and fear. The bond between the citizens and the Rockledge Police Department is strong and united. We have adopted several mottos such as, “What is important to the residents of Rockledge is important to us” and “No Call Too Small.”

We invite all interested stakeholders to assist us in our fight against crime. We currently have over 100 active Neighborhood Watch groups. Our Business Watch partners play a major role in reducing crime also. These productive platforms have been highly successful. Remember, “It only takes one person to make one call.” If you are interested in developing a Neighborhood Watch or Business Watch program, please contact me at your convenience. I look forward to hearing from you.

Corporal R. Lynch, #104