Sewer/Reclaimed Water Credit Application

Requests for sewer/reclaimed water credits must be received within 60 days of the date of the bill for which an adjustment is requested.  Sewer credits are not guaranteed, nor granted due to the following reasons: leaks where water enters the sanitary system (leaking toilets/faucets, etc.), water used for irrigation, negligent or undetermined use of water. Sewer credits are limited to a maximum of $500.00. 

To request a sewer/reclaimed water credit:

  • Fill out a PDF version of the form and submit via mail, drop-off or send it via e-mail (required attachments must be sent with completed form)
  • Visit Rockledge City Hall during business hours to obtain a form
  • Call Tracy Priebel at (321) 221-7540 ext. 110 to request a form