Memorial Tree Program

The Tree Program

The Memorial Tree Program is facilitated through The Rockledge Environmental Enhancement (TREE) Board of the City of Rockledge. This program offers a unique way to honor the life of a loved one. Memorial trees also provide benefits to the community and environment. These special trees will bring a sense of peace when visiting the park, purify our air, and provide wildlife habitats for many years to come. 

How to Arrange a Donation

Native trees are preferred, in accordance with Rockledge Land Development Regulations 40.30.

The following steps will ensure a quick, efficient memorial or honorary planting ceremony for your loved one:

  • Purchase and installation of a tree is the donor's responsibility. The tree must be a 30-gallon size with a minimum height of 6 feet. The nursery must guarantee the tree for one year. The tree must be staked and mulched by the nursery at the time of planting.
  • Requests may be made at any time of the year and will be considered for the following spring or fall planting.
  • Coordinate with the City of Rockledge to select the date, time, and place for planting.
  • Consult a local plant nursery and select a tree from the recommended list.
  • Notify the nursery of the approved date, time, and place for planting.
    Note: Due to maintenance and vandalism concerns, plaques will not be accepted as part of the memorial donation.
    Your participation in this program is greatly appreciated. City staff will be honored to work with you throughout the process.

Designated Donation Areas
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Robert A. Anderson Stormwater Park, 1200 Pluckebaum Road
Taylor Park, 1292 Florida Avenue
Larry L. Schultz Park, 2560 Fiske Boulevard 
Note: If you would like to plant in an area of the City not on this list, please verify with City staff as to whether your request can be accommodated.

Recommended Trees

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Green Ash
Shumard Oak**
Pop Ash**
Turkey Oak**
Bald/Pond Cypress**
Water Oak**
Longleaf Pine**
Sand Pine
Loblolly Bay**
Slash Pine
Southern Red Cedar
Southern Magnolia**
Florida Red Maple**
Laurel Oak**
Sweet Gum**
Live Oak**
Sweet Bay
Myrtle Oak**
Tulip Poplar**
Yellow Poinciana
Sand Live/Scrub Oak**

Accent Trees

Lemon Bottlebrush
Yaupon Holly**
Stiff Bottlebrush
Dahoon Holly
Weeping Bottlebrush
Jerusalem Thorn
Cherry Laurel**
Simpson Stopper**
Crape Myrtle
Orchid Tree
Chinese Elm
Podocarpus Nagi
Drake Elm
Podocarpus Yew
Weeping Willow
Fringe Tree**
Wild Olive
American Holly**
Yellow Elder

**Native to areas in Florida; recommended above others

Deciduous trees (leaf-shedding, non-evergreen) must be at least 2 inches in caliper.
Evergreens must be a minimum height of 5 feet.
Botanical names are available. Other species may be approved upon request.

To participate in the program, call Rockledge City Hall at (321) 221-7540.
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