I've had flood damage to my home or business; do I need a permit for repairs?
A permit issued by the Building Department is required to make any repairs to flood-damaged buildings. Buildings with damage equal to or exceeding 50% of the building's valuation must be brought into full compliance with the floodplain regulations.

The ordinances also require that all substantial improvements or additions to a building be treated as a new building. A substantial improvement is when the value of an addition, alteration, repair, or reconstruction project exceeds 50% of the value of the existing building. In the case of an addition, only the addition must be protected. In the case of an improvement to the original building, the entire building must be protected.

The requirements of the ordinances and building codes are minimum standards that all development must meet. To increase the safety of your property and reduce insurance premiums, you should consider building to higher standards. Of course, the safest way to develop your property is to locate improvements outside of the flood plain.

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