The wage range for the bargaining unit members shall be as follows:


The City reserves the right to compensate new bargaining unit members at a higher rate of pay commensurate with prior experience, provided the new bargaining unit member is a certified experienced law enforcement officer or PST.

The City agrees to compensate sworn personnel assigned to the Detective Division and performing detective duties a $40 per week “assignment” incentive pay. This incentive pay will only be received while in the Detective Division and shall be rescinded upon transfer from this division.

Promotion to the rank of corporal will take place through appointment by the Chief of Police.

  1. Officers shall have a minimum of 1 year of experience with the Rockledge Police Department to be eligible for the position.
  2. Officers meeting the service requirements and desiring consideration for appointment will, upon announcement of an opening by the Chief of Police, submit their names for consideration.
  3. Any officer appointed to the position of corporal will serve in that position at the sole discretion of the Chief of Police. Furthermore, while assigned to the position of corporal, the officer will remain in the Police Officer pay scale and progress normally therein.
  4. As compensation for duties performed while assigned as a corporal, officers will receive an additional $40 per week assignment pay. Should the corporal designation be removed by the Chief of Police, the assignment pay will be rescinded.

An employee promoted to the rank of sergeant shall receive a 5% increase from their base pay as a police officer or go to the minimum sergeant pay, whichever is greater. The employee will then receive further wage increases and progress in the same manner as other bargaining unit members in the same pay grade.

Certified Field Training Officers (FTO), Lead Public Safety Telecommunicators (LPSTs), and Public Safety Telecommunicator Training Officers (PSTTOs) appointed by the Chief of Police or designee shall receive $40 per week "assignment" incentive pay.

Longevity pay shall be provided to bargaining unit employees.

Communications Officers on second shift (evenings) shall receive a $0.30 per hour pay differential; those on third shift (nights) shall receive a $0.50 per hour pay differential.

For further question regarding employee compensation, please contact Human Resource Coordinator Corey Harris at 321-221-7540.