Sub-District 2 - Barton Boulevard

Barton Blvd. serves as one of the most important connector roadways in the City, as it links the residential areas surrounding Fiske Boulevard and the residential communities along the riverfront to the diverse commercial core of Barton Blvd.

Recent Improvements

In 2008, this strategically located thoroughfare saw substantial enhancements, including the installation of decorative lighting, extensive landscaping, and sidewalk improvements. The wide-scale project garnered the 2009 Florida Redevelopment Association’s Best Capital Project / Beautification Award.

Because Rockledge City Hall is located at the intersection of Barton Blvd. and Huntington Lane, this strategic locale in the Barton Boulevard Sub-District serves as a focal point for events and community gatherings. These events have a dual purpose in that they engage the community, but they also bring exposure and publicity to the businesses along this corridor. As such, the new Civic Hub was constructed next door to City Hall to serve as a venue for public events and community gatherings.

Barton Boulevard CRA Sub-district