Cocoa-Rockledge Land Company

The Cocoa-Rockledge Land Company encompasses an area within the Barton Boulevard Redevelopment Sub-District, which includes Cardinal Avenue, Dove Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue, from Cedar Street on the east, west to Fiske Boulevard.

The need for drainage improvements in this area was identified several years ago. After securing the necessary easements, bids were accepted for the first phase of the project in the summer of 2012, and once approved, the improvements commenced and the project's first phase was completed in early 2013.

The second phase of the project is currently underway, and the Agency is considering future stormwater and drainage enhancements in this area, which would be Phase III and could potentially occur in budget year 2015.

The long-term goal for the Cocoa-Rockledge Land Company is to convert the multitude of manufactured housing that currently exists and assign the zoning classification of Redevelopment Mixed Use. The Redevelopment Mixed Use zoning designation:

  • Provides for increased flexibility in the types of permitted uses;
  • Protects existing uses; and
  • Offers a variety of incentives for projects that seek to redevelop economically depressed properties.

This area is envisioned as being ideal for individuals wanting to engage in a live-work type of arrangement, where a portion of the structure would be used for office or retail activities, while the remainder of the structure would serve as a residence.

Construction area being sectioned off
Area being worked on with pipes and wood
Three men digging a hole
Two yellow digging machines