Fences and Hedges (Residential)

  1. Prior to the issuance of any permit for the erection, construction or installation of any fence or wall within the city, the Building Official shall first approve the type, design and location of the proposed fence or wall to be erected.
  2. The finished side of the fence must face outward, except where the fence is installed within three (3) feet of a required masonry wall separating a commercial area from a residential area.
  3. The use of barbed wire or strands of barbed wire, and/or electrified fences are prohibited in all residential zones.
  4. No fence, hedge, or wall or other structure shall be placed or constructed within a drainage maintenance or access easement or tract. 
  5. No opaque fence or wall located in front of the front building setback line shall be more than three (3) feet in height.  Exception: A fence four foot (4') in height may be placed in front of the front setback line with no more than 40% opaqueness and must be kept clear of grass, brush and vines. 
  6. No fence may exceed six (6) feet in height, except as may be permitted under the provisions of Section 81.30 (b)(3).
  7. On corner lots, a fence or wall must be placed back at least ten (10) feet from the side corner property line and placed so that it does not interfere with visibility around the corner.  In the event the subject lot is a corner lot without a key lot adjoining at the rear, and is a corner lot having a rear property line in common with the rear line of another corner lot, then the required side-corner setback distance may be reduced to five (5) feet, however, only along the common side-corner yard line setback.
  8. No owner of any lot, tract or parcel of land in the city shall permit any fence located on the property to become dilapidated or structurally unsound.  At any point when a fence or wall is missing boards or materials of which it was built, leaning beyond one foot (1’) foot from the vertical or no longer serves the function for which it was permitted, it shall be considered dilapidated and structurally unsound.
  9. Repair or replacement of up to two (2) sections of twenty (20) linear feet in any six (6) month period of time shall not require a permit. 
  10. Please call 1-800-432-4770 for underground utility locate before you dig. 

Required for Permit:

  • Completed Permit Application
  • Owner/Builder Affidavit
  • Recorded Notice of Commencement if over $2,500.00
  • Survey/Site Plan showing location of fence (2 copies)