Prescription Drug Takeback / Drug Box Program

The Rockledge Department of Public Safety offers a free, no questions asked solution for citizens to dispose of medications that are no longer needed/wanted.  In our lobby, we have a disposal box for residents to deposit medications for proper handling and disposal.  Removal of labels is not required prior to dropping medications in our drug box - the box is locked, and the medications go from the locked box directly into our secure Evidence room until they are incinerated.

Please note - we DO NOT accept sharps or liquids.  Fire Station 1, located at 1800 Rockledge Blvd., will accept sharps as long as they are properly packaged up in a federally approved biohazard sharps container.  Please refer to the below link on proper disposal of liquid medications.

This service is for residents only - NO COMMERCIAL BUSINESSES!

Learn how to safely dispose of your unwanted medications (PDF)!