Evidence / Crime Scene

Evidence / Crime Scene Unit

The Evidence Technician is available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday through Friday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.  Limited availability on Wednesday.  Please call (321) 690-3988 ext. 3155 to set up an appointment to retrieve belongings.

Crime Scene

The Crime Scene Technician is responsible for major crime scene processing including detection, collection, and processing of:

  1. Latent fingerprint and palm print;
  2. Impressions of foot/shoes prints;
  3. Instrumentalities of the crime, such as burglary tool markings;
  4. Vehicle tire impressions;
  5. Use of all photographic equipment, including digital stills, video recordings, and conventional photography, and;
  6. Comprehensive review and understanding of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Evidence Submission Manual requirements.

Property Management

The Property and Evidence Unit is responsible for maintaining any and all property that is submitted to the Rockledge Police Department. These items can be anything from found property, safekeeping property, items for destruction and items taken for evidence purposes. The Property and Evidence Unit utilizes barcode technology in the labeling and storage of property in the property room.

Found Property

Items found within City limits and turned in to the Rockledge Police Department will be listed on a Found Property Register, which will be located in the lobby for public inspection. The Found Property Register will be updated and maintained by the Evidence Custodian. These items will be available for the owner to retrieve, provided that the owner proves ownership through a receipt, serial number, or other verifiable form of property identification. If proof of ownership cannot be established, then the item will not be released. Found property is eligible to be destroyed after 90 days, per Florida State Statutes. 


The following procedure shall be followed when returning firearms to person(s) who were taken into custody via Baker Act, pursuant to Florida State Statute 394.463:

The person(s) that was taken into custody shall provide the department with a letter or document from the hospital, treating physician, or clinical psychologist stating that the person is not suffering from any mental illness pursuant to Florida State Statute 394.463. If the person has been released but has difficulty furnishing a letter from the physician or clinical psychologist, the firearm shall only be returned to a family member that shall assume full responsibility for said firearm/weapon and signs a property receipt and a Release and Indemnity Agreement.

If the firearm was used during the incident to threaten harm to the person or another, the person that was taken into custody shall provide the department with a court order showing entitlement by the person or a letter from a physician or clinical psychologist if the case was absent a criminal element.

If the firearm was taken for safekeeping and was not used in the incident, then the third party or family member listed on the safekeeping property receipt shall be required to sign for the firearm, or the person signs a Release and Indemnity Agreement and provides a letter from a physician or clinical psychologist.

Surrendered property shall be disposed of in 90 days in accordance with Florida Statutes.